NFPA Code 96 Mandates Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems be Inspected & Cleaned by a Trained, Qualified & Certified Person. This work is ENFORCED BY FIRE INSPECTORS & INSURANCE COMPANIES NATIONWIDE!

  • 1 Year of Phone Support with Chris, the Founder

  • Marketing Tips to Acquire Restaurant Customers

  • How to Bid on Government Contracts Over $200,000

This is a 3-day Hands-On Course in Sanford, FL for Owners and Managers of Restaurant Cleaning Businesses. This course includes training and certification, unlimited 1 year phone support and everything an owner needs to know about how to start and grow a successful kitchen exhaust hood cleaning business - from marketing to estimating, where to buy tools & equipment and pretty much everything you need to grow a great business. 

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning otherwise also known as “Vent Hood Cleaning” is a solid business model with high profit margins and is government regulated and enforced by both fire inspectors and insurance companies nationwide for all restaurants. The MFS online self-study course is shot from a live 3-day course and is the most affordable and smartest way to get trained and certified by watching our pre-recorded videos. You can take this course any time and do it at your own pace. Most finish it in just 3 days from the comfort of your own home. It comes with an MFS Training Manual, the NFPA Code 96 Book, unlimited 1-year phone support, marketing, estimating, and your certification as an MFS Certified technician and inspector in Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning as per NFPA Code 96.  Our certification is good nationwide in the USA including all of Canada. 

Please see our extensive FAQ on Owning a Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Business here.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    1. Course Introduction

    1. Training Manual Questions 1-5

    2. Training Manual Questions 6-10

    3. Training Manual Questions 11-14

    4. Training Manual Questions 15-19

    5. Training Manual Question 20-24

    6. Training Manual Questions 25-29

    7. Training Manual Questions 30-34

    8. Training Manual Questions 35-39

    9. Training Manual Questions 40-44

    10. Training Manual Questions 45-49

    11. Training Manual Questions 50-54

    12. Training Manual Questions 55-59

    13. Training Manual Questions 60-64

    14. Training Manual Questions 65-69

    15. Training Manual Questions 70-75

    16. How to Find a Hood Cleaning Insurance Company

    1. Warehouse Training - Part 1

    2. Warehouse Training - Part 2

    3. Warehouse Training - Part 3

    4. Warehouse Training - Part 4

    5. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 1

    6. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 2

    7. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 3

    8. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 4

    9. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 5

    10. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 6

    11. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 7

    12. Live Training at a Catering Hall - Part 8

    1. Getting Started With Funneling

    2. Double Funneling Technique

    3. How to Funnel an Exhaust Hood System with the Fan ON

    4. How to Funnel a Food Truck

    5. Cleaning a Kitchen Hood System

    6. Working With Upblast Fans

    7. Cleaning Filters

    8. Working with Access Panels

    9. Tips on How to Clean Fusible Link inside Exhaust Hood System

    10. How to Winterize Your Pressure Washer

    1. Recertification & Equipment List

    2. Estimating Jobs

    3. Registering Your Business & Marketing Tips for Winning Accounts

    4. Marketing Tips Part 2 & Pricing Jobs

    5. Pricing Jobs Part 2 & Forms

About this course

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  • 47 lessons
  • 15.5 hours of video content

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